Hello! Thank you for stopping by and for even giving a little thought about me becoming your wedding photographer!! It’s exciting!!

My name is Christian Stern, I was born in Lima Peru, South America. Yes, I do love soccer, no I have never seen my country win a world cup!! Yes, I do know how to cook and I enjoy getting better at it, every chance I get!

I remember, (like a thousand years ago, lol) the first time I got that little feeling about photography. It was a picture of a lady, next to a railroad and it had some kind of aura all around her. It was made in Mexico by my Aunt. While I was looking at the picture and wondering about it, my Aunt whispered in my ear, “Christian, That’s Photography, it captures the magic of a moment forever!” That little buzz in my ear completely hit me in the stomach with such power and excitement – and that was it, I was hooked!!  

Photography has given me the opportunity to travel, study and meet phenomenal people! Currently, now for the last 6 years it has brought me to beautiful Dominican Republic. Which has made me fall in love, cry, laugh, fall (a lot from the bike lol), and get back up. I found not just friends here, but family and most importantly have learned to live life in the most intense way! 

I couldn’t have asked for a better job! Being part of a celebration of love and having the pleasure to capture it as it unfolds, is truly a blessing!

So we are not strangers anymore! You know a little bit about me and I can’t wait to hear about YOUR story!! 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for visiting me, reading about me and thinking that maybe …just maybe … I am the photographer you are looking for !! 

Big Hugs!!